Australian Water Technologies specialises in Wastewater Treatment Consultancy. We can design your plant within all the criteria that the Dept of Health and Department of Water and Environmental Regulations require along with expert advice on all Licensing criteria and regulations.

Time after time we have clients coming to us with “specifications” they have gotten from an industry consultant, for us to build them a Wastewater Treatment Plant, only for us to inform them that all their “specifications” are wrong and that their proposed WWTP will not get passed by the authorities because x, y and z are not correct……….
AWT are industry experts and do not use the “basic common” rules for how many litrs per person etc Instead we use 25 yrs of industry experience to know exactly how many litres per person that mining will use, that restaurant will use etc. Your site/area is unique to you, and you can guarantee that AWT has knowledge to get your system plans correct first time.

Working relationships with Local Shires, DoH and DWER make your Licensing Application smoother, efficient and quicker as we know what these depts need and what they don’t.

In most cases AWT will subtract the consultancy fee from the Project if you decide to get it built by us.

Areas of Expertise
Wastewater Treatment:
(sewage) BOD, COD, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and TSS levels along with prescribed aeration for specific outcomes.

Wastewater Licensing and disposal of treated wastewater. Whether to Local Sewer or to Irrigation/Leach Drain. Minesites, Breweries, Wineries and Restaurant specialist.

Heavy Mineral Removal:
Troublesome minerals such as Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Aluminium, Silicon etc

Water Management Plan:
Mining water management. As bore levels are depleting it is vital to know the technology available to capitalise on the amount of water resources you have.

Bore Water Analysis:
We can not only analyse your bore water but design the correct system for you depending on your contaminants in the water. This includes RO Membrane Flow Projection and Antiscalant Projection.

General Water Analysis:
We can analyse your water and recommend the safest and most economical way to get it treated.

Mining Tails Dams:
We can offer solutions to re-use water from mining tails dams containing, Arsenic, Lead, Sulphates, Cyanide etc

Our Technologies