SBR Wastewater Treatment

Sequencing batch reactors (SBR) fill-and-draw waste-activated sludge for wastewater treatment. In this system, raw wastewater is added to a single “batch” reactor, treated to remove undesirable components, and then discharged.

Equalisation, aeration, and clarification can all be achieved using a single batch reactor. To optimise the system’s performance, two or more batch reactors are used in a predetermined sequence of operations.

SBR systems have been successfully used to treat both municipal and industrial wastewater. They are uniquely suited for wastewater treatment applications characterised by low or intermittent flow conditions specifically:

  • Mining Camps
  • Breweries
  • Wineries and Restaurants
  • Caravan and Camping Parks

With SBR WWTPs you have more control of the changing volumes and effluent produced.

All our WWTPs come with touch-screen HMIs for ease of operation and fault-finding. They are also completed with remote Telemetry Monitors and Controls for easy problem-solving without costly site visits. We also offer daily/weekly/monthly Monitor and Report packages with your system.

sbr wastewater treatment
sbr wastewater treatment

Why SBR Wasterwater is Best?

  • Total control of changing volumes and biological parameters.
  • Equalization, primary clarification (in most cases), biological treatment, and secondary clarification can be achieved in a single reactor vessel.
  • Operating flexibility and control.
  • Minimal footprint.
  • Potential capital cost savings by eliminating clarifiers and other equipment.
  • Very low maintenance with high quality best in industry equipment from
    Tsurumi, Grunfos and Ebara.


Advantages of SBR Systems

Total Control of Changing Volumes and Biological Parameters

The SBR system excels in its ability to adjust to fluctuations in wastewater volume and composition. This adaptability ensures that each batch of wastewater receives customised treatment, optimising the biological processes necessary for effective waste management.

Single Reactor Versatility

The system combines several treatment steps—equalisation, primary clarification (in most cases), biological treatment, and secondary clarification—within a single reactor vessel. This integration simplifies the SBR process, enhancing both efficiency and reliability.

Operating Flexibility and Control

SBR technology provides unparalleled flexibility in its operation. It allows for precise control over each phase of the treatment cycle, enabling adjustments based on real-time demands and conditions. This level of control is crucial for maintaining high treatment standards and adapting to variable inflow and load conditions.

Minimal Footprint

The SBR system’s compact design minimises the physical space required for installation. Consolidating multiple processes into one unit reduces the need for extensive infrastructure, making it ideal for locations with space constraints.

Potential Capital Cost Savings

SBR systems can significantly reduce initial capital expenditures by eliminating the need for separate clarifiers and other ancillary equipment. This streamlined approach lowers upfront costs and simplifies the overall treatment process.

Very Low Maintenance

Australian Water Technologies equips its SBR systems with high-quality components from industry-leading manufacturers like Tsurumi, Grundfos, and Ebara.

This commitment to quality ensures that our systems are efficient and require minimal maintenance, reducing long-term operational costs and enhancing system longevity.

Why Choose Australian Water Technologies?

Expertise and Innovation

At Australian Water Technologies, we pride ourselves on our deep expertise and continuous innovation in water treatment.

With decades of experience, our team of experts has been at the forefront of developing and implementing advanced water treatment technologies.

Our approach combines scientific knowledge with practical applications, ensuring we offer the most efficient and effective solutions.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Australian Water Technologies. We understand the critical importance of preserving our planet’s resources and are dedicated to implementing solutions that contribute to environmental conservation.

Our SBR wastewater treatment systems are designed to minimise waste, reduce energy consumption, and reduce overall environmental impact.

Australian Water Technologies takes pride in providing top-tier SBR Wastewater solutions in Perth. Our advanced sequencing batch reactor (SBR) systems ensure that your wastewater treatment needs are met with efficiency and reliability. Utilising state-of-the-art SBR tanks, our process meticulously handles each treatment stage, from the initial separation of solid substances to the discharge system’s final output of purified wastewater.

Our systems are designed to operate seamlessly, incorporating a rest phase that ensures optimal performance and longevity. The purified wastewater produced by our SBR units can be safely reintroduced into the environment, whether through an infiltration system or other means, making our solutions both effective and environmentally responsible.

Choose Australian Water Technologies for your SBR Wastewater needs and experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology, expert service, and a commitment to sustainability. With our comprehensive approach, you can be confident in the purity and safety of your treated water, making a positive impact on both your operations and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About SBR Wastewater Treatment

Unlike traditional continuous flow systems, a sequencing batch reactor treats wastewater in discrete batches, allowing for precise control over each phase of the treatment process.

This batch-processing capability enables the system to adapt easily to changes in wastewater volume and composition, providing a more flexible and efficient treatment solution.

Yes. We specialise in customising SBR systems to meet specific site and treatment requirements.

Our systems can be tailored to handle specific wastewater characteristics, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with local regulations, whether for municipal or industrial applications.